Boatload Production StudioBoatload Production Studio is a professional recording studio located in beautiful Lakeland, Florida.

Recording Studio Rates & Booking

-Tracking sessions will always require the assistance of an engineer that is provided by Boat Load Production Studios.


Vibe room - $40/hr
Wraith Room - $80/hr
Sky Box - $60/hr
Mix and Mastering:
Mixed Edition (Includes 1 revision)
Full Mastered Edition $130 (Includes 1 revision)
(Any additional revisions will be paid upfront at the rate of the room originally booked.)


Digital Distribution - $45.00
CD and Usb
Audio restoration
All Paperwork Services for 1 Song- $150
Copyright Registration
Obtain ISRC and UPC codes
(For more info contact us at

1(863)430-9942 or


Wraith Room Special - $350
-Engineer Included - 5 hours

Sky Box Special - $250
-Engineer Included - 5 hours

Vibe Room Special - $200
-Blue Mic Included - 3 hours

*Once special room rate expires, regular rates apply.
*There will be a $10 upcharge in Vibe Room for the Blue microphone.

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There is a 2-hour booking minimum at all of our 3 studios. Sessions are not considered booked, until the session is paid in full or a 50% deposit is made. Deposits are only refunded if a client cancels at least 24 hours before session start time. We accept payment in the form of cash and /or credit card (photo identification will be required at check in). No files or media will be released until a session is paid in full. Major labels with accounts with us will need to issue a PO to hold the time.

All bookings must be requested & approved by staff.
You must submit a booking session request using this form or via email. If you need to book a studio within a 24 hours notice, please call the studio at 1(863) 430-9942.

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